Waffle Themed Graduation Party

Do you have a Graduation Party that you need to plan? If not a graduation party, perhaps a birthday party. Well, we just attended my cousin’s high school graduation party and it was A-MAZING!!! It had the most unique theme….. It was a WAFFLE THEME!!! I must say I am not a huge fan of waffles, and was a little disappointed when they told me the theme because I’m not a fan of traditional waffles…I know I know, I’m crazy.  Once I got to the party, my mind was quickly changed. This so called “waffle” theme was taken to the next level.

Waffle Themed Graduation Party

Waffle Truck

Waffle Truck

They hired a waffle truck to come. Yes, for real…..a truck that made waffles inside of it. Like one of those food trucks that drives around town.

The waffle truck not only had regular waffles, but it also had waffle fries, ham and cheese sandwiches with the waffles as the bread, peanut butter and jelly waffle sandwiches, and egg, gouda, and ham waffle sandwiches. My son got a peanut butter and jelly waffle and my daughter got a regular waffle…


On the table next to the waffle truck they had all the condiments….

Waffle Truck

Isn’t that the cutest houndstooth bucket? If you look a little closer, you will notice the syrup inside the bucket and the custom label….

waffle theme graduation party

My cousin’s name is J.T. … the “Pure J.T.” is in reference to “Pure Michigan”. Have you heard the “Pure Michigan” commercials?


Ice Cream Truck with Waffle Cones and bowls

At a WAFFLE themed graduation party…waffle cones and bowls are a must!! My cousin worked at an ice cream parlor during summer vacations while in high school, so of course they knew to have all the toppings…strawberries, blueberries, sprinkles, chocolate sauce. I decided to go with a summery option…. Vanilla ice cream with strawberries and blueberries in a waffle bowl…..what is your favorite? Waffle cone or waffle bowl? Fruit or no fruit?  Oh man just looking at this picture is making me hungry for some more!!

Ice Cream in a waffle cone

Coffee and Specialty Drink Cart

What is a waffle themed graduation party without a coffee and specialty drink cart? ha! So, Of course there had to be one of those!

coffee cart

Decisions, Decisions…My first round was an Italian Soda of some sort..I’m thinking berry? I just told the girl I wanted a really delicious Italian Soda, so be creative. It was quite tasty whatever she made. While I was at it, I also indulged in a Caramel Frappuccino…my cousin and his girlfriend sold me on one. Seriously though, when is the next time I’m going to see a drink cart like this? I’m glad that I did because it was quite a delicious drink!

Graduation Party Decorations

Oh yes friends, there is more! Let me give you a brief tour of all the creative ways they decorated for my cousin’s graduation party.

Graduation Party Yes, that is my son the photo bomb on the right hand side….but look above the pool…They spelled out Congrats Grad and had floating balls in the pool.

Graduation Party Decorations

I loved seeing all the pictures from when he was little and they even had a beach ball that he got from his Kindergarten Class. I thought this was a cute idea…all the kids in the class signed each other’s beach ball and that was their present to take home with them for summer vacation.

Graduation Party

Also a smart idea…my cousin’s graduation party was after he graduated, so they hung his gown and cords up. Graduation Party

This wreath hung on the front door. Those are all his graduation pictures.

Graduation Wreath

Graduation Cake and Cupcakes

The Graduation Cake and cupcakes were very clever….he graduated from Penn High School…the lady who made the cake and cupcakes embellished them with different activities that he was in.

Graduation Cake and Cupcakes Directly next to the high school cake and cupcakes was a college themed cake and cupcakes. He will be attending the University of Notre Dame next year, so they themed it appropriately.

Notre Dame Cake and Cupcakes

Graduation Party T-Shirts

My cousins like to make t-shirts for different events and this wasn’t any different….

Graduation T-Shirt

Congrats Grad

We are so proud of my cousin and his many accomplishments.

We look forward to watching him learn and grow throughout his next four years as well!

Graduation Party

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    • Jill says:

      Holly- It was quite the party I must say!! Cute sunflower frame on your blog! I was cracking up when you said you had sunflowers all over your apartment…pillow, posters, etc…ha! Have a great day friend! SMiles, Jill

  1. Mayra says:

    Great theme love the decorations , the cakes and cupcakes and the pool !!! Tha is for sharing !!!


    • Jill says:

      Mayra- Thanks for stopping by and commenting today! I checked out your site and love the cute invitation! So sweet! I love ladybugs…cute paper!! Have a great day! Smiles, Jill

      • Mayra says:

        Thank you for stopping by my blog I am brand new to this and I love it !!! I just realized my comment earlier didn’t say thank you just th you sorry about that !!!

  2. sherrie says:

    Wowzers…that looks like quite a party! It sounds so yummy!! I have never seen a waffle themed party but I sure am loving the idea!! thanks for sharing:) It looks like a wonderful day and congrats to your cousin!
    Sherrie K

  3. Shelly says:

    Now that’s a PARTY! Family fun, great decorations and yummy food – who could ask for more 🙂

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