{Thinking} of You Thursday

Hello friends! How are you? Can I tell you how upset I am with Comcast? OH MY STARS! Our internet, phone, and cable went out! The customer service lady told me there was a national outage! Really?!Argh, I didn’t even want to deal with arguing with her! Then when I called the next day, they told me there was an outage in our area and they couldn’t call a technician to our house until it was over….yet, our neighbors had cable, tv, etc…. and the day before someone was out at our other neighbor’s house digging in their backyard! Well, she didn’t even listen to that…she just ignored me, and still wouldn’t call a technician to our house! ARGH! Finally, my husband got home and I had him call! I was over this situation like a mouse with stinky cheese! Luckily, he was able to get someone to our house and the VERY nice technician said that our line was cut!!! So if they would have listened to me in the first place, I wouldn’t have been without internet, phone, and cable! Let me just say, I have missed you! So, I apologize for missing Sunday Funday, and all my other posts! Luckily, since I was living in the stone ages, I was able to get a lot of crafting done! I have some fun things planned for you!

First up is a card I made for a dear friend who had a very terrible accident. He is still recovering and will be for awhile. He loves sailing and so I made this card for him. I’m hoping that it will bring sunshine to him in this very difficult time!


I used the Cricut Cartridge, Life is a Beach to cut the boat (2.0″)

I used this compass sticker and red flag from a Martha Stewart Kit I got at the Christmas Tree Shops for 79 cents!

I about fell over when I found it! Then the paper clip is just one I got from a ginormous package of paper clips I’ve had for like 25 years.

Here is a side profile of how I used foam adhesive to pop up the sailboat and the tag. I got a package of tags from Hobby Lobby in the scrapbooking section and attached some rope to the top that I got in the ribbon section at Hobby Lobby.  The jute twine wrapped around is some that I’ve had for like a million years. You can get it at any craft store.

On the inside, I just used the same sailboat, but I cut it out at 2.5 and adhered it with foam adhesives.

The sentiment “Thinking of  You” is from a collection I got at Hobby Lobby.

I attached some Washi tape that I purchased at Target to the front and back of the vellum envelope to give it a little bit of fun!

Have you made any cards lately? If so, for whom and for what?

Do you make cards for Halloween?

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

I hope you come back to visit me!

Have a SUPER fun day!


  1. Arin F says:

    Oh the nightmares of cable companies. I almost lose my sanity dealing with our cable/internet/phone issues with them, so I feel you there! So glad you are back to cyber world! your project is really cool. I love your compass embelishment!

  2. Claire S says:

    Do you live in S. Florida? We had the same 2 day outage and after speaking to Comcast yesterday, they are crediting our account $25.00 . It was crazy without the internet…I feel your pain. Your tag is wonderful and the embellishments are adorable.!
    Creative Wishes,
    Claire S.

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