Tattoo Easter Eggs

Decorating eggs is a long standing tradition in my family. I remember as a youngster going to my Nana’s house and decorating eggs to hang on her egg tree. I also remember making “blow out eggs”. The kind where you blow out the yolk inside and then hang them on your tree. Such fun memories! Speaking of memories…when a holiday is arriving do you go back and look at your pictures from the previous year? Well, I like to go back and look at my pictures from the previous year to remember all the fun we had! I was scrolling through my pictures and found a picture of tattoo eggs that I made last year with my kids craft class, but never shared with you. They are really fun and not messy which is a plus (but not always required..I don’t mind a mess).

Tattoo Easter Eggs

Tattoo Eggs by Every Day is an Occasion I love these little egg puns “You look Egg-cellent today!”, “Take a load off you must be Egg-hausted!” lol!

Egg Carton



Wooden eggs or plastic eggs (the kind at Walmart for $1.98)

Tattoo Paper


Wood processor

Tattoo Eggs and Carton


1. Open your word processor (pages, microsoft word, etc…) and create what you would like to print. I created some “Egg” puns, Egg Jokes, and found pretty pictures. Don’t forget to mirror image your words if you are planning on having something written because when you apply the tattoo it will backwards if you don’t.

2. Print your images onto your tattoo paper.

3. Cut them out.

4. To apply Tattoo follow manufacturer steps on package. (basically take off protective paper and put that side down on your egg, use a sponge or paper towel filled with water and place it on the paper side of the tattoo).

5. Let dry and Enjoy!!

***Note you can also buy Easter Tattoos at big box stores and use those.*****


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