St. Patrick’s Day Dried Shamrock Craft

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us and I wanted to share a simple craft I created. This is a super easy craft and no talent is required, just time.

St. Patrick’s Day Dried Shamrock Craft

As a child, I would spend time with my Nana creating and having “farm fun” as we call it. She would take us out in her yard which is one of her favorite places to this day. She would point out flowers in her garden and tell us the names of all of them. Then we would pick them, take them inside, and press them. This is a craft that her mother, my great nana, enjoyed as well. It was such a fond memory. It taught me patience. I had to wait for about a week until those flowers would be dried enough to make a picture, which felt like a year when I was young.  I loved making dried flower pictures with my Nana. I was reminiscing about this memory recently. Then when I was in Martin’s and saw that they had a Shamrock plant that had all four leaf clovers, I knew that I had to do this craft.

St. Patrick's Day Craft


Shamrock Dried Flower Picture

How to dry flowers



4-leaf Shamrock Plant


Wax Paper

Large Heavy Books


Large Book for Pressing Flowers


  1. Cut the stems of your shamrock/flower to desired length. I cut mine to the length above.
  2. Gather Large Heavy Books about 5. Open one in the middle and place a piece of wax paper then Kleenex. Then place shamrocks/flowers on top. So on top of the shamrocks/flowers place another Kleenex and then wax paper on top of that. You’re making a shamrock sandwich, lol!
  3. Close the heavy large book and place the other books on top of it.
  4. Wait for about a week.
  5. Open your book and see if your Shamrocks/flowers have dried. If they haven’t close the book and wait a couple more days.
  6. If they have dried…yay! Now you can place them in your frame. As a child, my Nana and I, would take fabric and put it as the background. Today, I use paper as the background.
  7. Display and enjoy!


Shamrock Pressed Picture

Reflections on Saint Patrick’s Feast Day:

This is a special day for my family because our ancestors are from Ireland. They came from Ireland to America on a boat with big dreams. Today, we have always celebrated with corned beef, potatoes, carrots, cabbage and sour dough bread. As a child I would call it “The Feast”. It was my favorite meal of the whole year. Throughout the years I have learned more and more about Saint Patrick’s Day. Today Saint Patrick’s Day means so much more to me… Saint Patrick used to teach the people of Ireland about the Holy Trinity with 3 leaf clovers; Father, Son,  Holy Spirit. I love that! I also love finding a 4 leaf clover too because it looks like a cross to me and reminds me of what is really important. Saint Patrick was quite a guy.


Sending smiles your way,