Squirt Gun Art

I saw this post on Instagram and knew I had to try Squirt Gun Art out with my son!  My son loves doing art projects with me so I knew it  would be a great activity while my daughter was taking her nap.

Squirt Gun Art

Squirt Gun Art

We found a package of squirt guns 4 for 50 cents at Walgreens! They had them in their clearance summer aisle. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw they were 50 cents!!

Squirt Gun Art Directions

So when it comes to the consistency of the paint and water ratio, I literally just squirted some paint in the cup and added some water. I used what I had on hand which was paint left over from my Child’s Artwork Vase. If I would have planned it better, I would have gotten watercolor paint from a craft store. I knew we weren’t creating a Picasso or anything so we were fine with what we had on hand. Plus it turned out perfect!

Squirt Gun Art Instructions 2

At first I put water in the squirt gun and tried to add the paint and shake, which was ok, but would haven taken 19 years. So, when I decided to mix the water and paint in the cup it worked out much better and I was just able to pour it into the squirt gun. Now when I poured the mixture into the squirt gun I got some that ran into the sink, Oh well! Can’t win ’em all!

Squirt Gun Art Instructions 3

Squirting is the best part!! My son spent like 45 minutes on this part! He had a blast!!

Squirt Gun Art Instructions 4


Allow the art work to dry and enjoy! My son decided he wanted to add a couple of stickers to his art work.

Have you ever done any Squirt Gun Art before? When my kids get a little older we’re going to try to do some squirt gun art and instead of squirting on paper, we’re going to squirt on a white t-shirt!! Fun times!

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  1. sherrie says:

    Ooh Jill, what a sweet and fun idea! I am sure your little kiddo loved it! What a great way to get them interested in crafts…..love it! I may have to remember this for next summer with my Grand daughter! TFS!
    Sherrie K

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