Snow White Pumpkin

My daughter is a big Disney Princess Fan, so when she came home from school with a pumpkin book report, she knew just what she wanted to read!

Snow White Pumpkin

Snow White Pumpkin Book Report

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs pumpkin by Every Day is an Occasion

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Pumpkin by Every Day is an OccasionSnow white fake pumpkin  by Every Day is an Occasion

Snow white and the seven dwarfs pumpkin book report by Every Day is an Occasion


Fake pumpkin

mini fake pumpkins: we got these at hobby lobby

wig: we got this one at Fun FX

Red Ribbon with wire: Hobby Lobby in the floral section

Sharpie Paint Markers: Target

Blush: my make-up bag, lol

paper in dwarf colors: my stash

scotch tape


  1. Put wig on and secure with red ribbon. Tie a knot underneath pumpkin. Then using ribbon tie a bow onto the ribbon you used to secure the wig.
  2. Add facial details with Paint Markers and add blush. My daughter just looked at the book to create the facial details. She did it all by herself! I told her to first use a pencil and then she could go over the pencil but she didn’t want to do that so she just drew right on the pumpkin with the paint markers without a pencil first.
  3. Cut out little hats for the seven dwarfs. We just free handed these and cut out and taped with Scotch Tape. We just placed these on the pumpkins.
  4. Enjoy!

My son’s Harry Potter Pumpkin Book Talk from last year.

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