Sight Word & Alphabet Practice with Chalkboard Pumpkin

My son is in Kindergarten and practicing sight words is imperative! Therefore, when I saw these chalkboard pumpkins I thought they would be perfect to write his sight words on and have him practice!! But before we had a chance to practice my daughter found the pumpkin and started writing her alphabet letters on it!! Even better! I was so excited!

Sight Word & Alphabet Chalkboard Pumpkin 


This was really fun. There are a couple of variations I was thinking of… I would write my son’s sight words on the pumpkin and then flip it around and he has to shout out the word. The second variation is where he writes the word and I have to shout it out to him. The pumpkins are hard to write on because of their ridges therefore that is why I thought I would write on them, but it would be fun for my son to write on it too. The variations work for the alphabet too. Pictured above I would just say a letter to my daughter and she would write it on the pumpkin. She was fascinated at how the chalk erased so well…. because she’s used to writing on our driveway with chalk. lol.

The other thing I love about these pumpkins is that you don’t have to do anything to them! I just bought them as a chalkboard at the craft store! No messy paint or anything. They were all ready for me to buy and play around with!!

Last but not least, another reason I love these pumpkins is because they can be used in November for Thanksgiving as well!! I love having decorations that last throughout a couple seasons! So fun! The possibilities are endless with these cool chalkboard pumpkins!

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