Quick and Easy Donut Bouquet

I shared my thought process with you on coming up with the donut bouquet on my last post here and I had so much fun creating the first donut bouquet that I have another one for you. As I was sharing my idea of my first donut bouquet with my friend she suggested I use a pumpkin. I loved the idea and here is what I came up with……

Quick and Easy Donut Bouquet

Halloween Treat


Pie Pumpkin


Donut holes



Black card stock

glue dot

tooth pick


pumpkin face hole punch – I tried to link to the punches in a store but it looks like they are discontinued, I found some on Ebay though if you’re interested


  1. Place skewer into pumpkin and donuts on top of skewers.
  2. Using your pencil draw a bat wing shape. Cut out the shape and using that as a pattern trace two for each donut.
  3. Place Glue Dot on back of wings and put half of the tooth pick on top of glue dot
  4. Stick the half you didn’t put on glue dot into donut hole.
  5. Take punch and cut out jack o lantern face from vinyl
  6. Place jack o lantern face onto pumpkin
  7. Enjoy!

Have fun!

Take care,


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