Photo Eggs

Look at all these egg heads below! LOL! A couple of years ago, I made tattoo eggs and during that time I thought it would be cool to make photo eggs. I kept that thought in the back of mind and this year decided to bust out that thought for our Easter eggs! We went to Disney this year for Spring Break and I couldn’t think of a better time to make photo eggs. We had the best time and I love that I was able to capture those images onto our Easter Eggs.

Disney Vacation Photo Eggs

Vacation photo Eggs

I found that the images that were on the craft eggs were a little grainier than the images on the wooden eggs.

DIY Photo Eggs

Wooden Photo Egg

How to make photo eggs

I made these photo eggs on WSBT with Kristin Bien.

You can view our segment…… Watch Here.

WSBT Easter Segment of Jill Lebbin on WSBT


Wooden Eggs or Craft Eggs

Tattoo Paper


Word processor


1. Open your word processor (pages, microsoft word, etc…) and insert the image you would like to print. Make sure to measure your egg and have your image match the size you need. Mirror Image your images (make your images look backwards)

2. Print your images onto your tattoo paper.

3. Cut them out.

4. To apply Tattoo follow manufacturer steps on package. (basically take off protective paper and put that side down on your egg, use a sponge or paper towel filled with water and place it on the paper side of the tattoo).

5. Let dry and Enjoy!!


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