Penguin Project for Kids

Since it has been so super cold and snowy around here lately, the kids and I were in the mood for a fun morning project. I found this idea on Pinterest. It is not only fun, but quite educational too! My kiddos learned how to diagram and write facts. I found out that my kiddos LOVE non-fiction writing! What a great surprise!!

All About Penguins

All About Penguins


My son absolutely ADORES learning about animals. He recites random animal facts to me all day long. The other day he was talking about a pileated woodpecker. I had no idea what he was talking about. He loves the show “Wild Kratts” and gets a lot of information from it and I read tons and tons of books to him about animals so I believe that is where he gets his info from. Still though, I think it is funny what sticks with kids. I read the books with my son and I still don’t remember the information. lol.



So, for this project I did not have to do any prior reading about penguins because he already knew a ton of information. But if you are like me and need some prior knowledge or want to read some non-fiction penguin books to your kiddos…

IMG_5986 Miss Kindergarten  recommends…. Penguins Penguins everywhere by Bob  Barner …lots of penguin facts in this book.

Penguins Penguins Everywhere by bob Barner

Before writing in our booklet, we came up with the ideas below and I wrote them down. That way when they came to the writing part in the All About Penguins Booklet, we were able to go back and reference their thoughts.


The first page is a diagram for the kiddos to complete.

Penguin Diagram

Next is the writing part, where we referenced our idea page. My kiddos are just learning to write and spell, so I went ahead and made dotted lines for the words on their booklet for the idea of their choice and then they traced the words and drew their pictures.




There is just something about little kids work that is just darling to me.  I highly recommend this project to children who are animal lovers or if you are wanting to introduce your children to non-fiction writing. Penguin Project

You can find this booklet as a freebie thanks to Miss Kindergarten! The freebie has step by step instructions on how to complete the construction paper penguin along with the booklet. Cannot thank Miss Kindergarten enough for not only coming up with this idea but giving it away as a freebie!!

All about penguins non-fiction writing

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