Monogrammed Hanging Easter Eggs

I pretty much LOVE anything monogrammed! So, when I ran into Walmart to pick up some of those white $1.98 plastic eggs I was super excited to see that PAAS had a MONOGRAM kit! This totally sounds like a plug for PAAS but let me assure you I am not affiliated with them. I am just super excited about this Monogram kit! And….Seriously how amazing are those eggs from Walmart? You can make Easter Eggs that you hang on your Egg tree for years to come. You can make one each year and then before you know it your egg tree will be all filled up! Speaking of egg tree….do you have an egg tree or are very confused right now what I’m talking about?! An egg tree is basically a tree that you hang easter eggs on. You can take a branch from your yard and spray paint and put it in a vase. They also sell specific egg trees you can  buy. I actually got mine before I was married and had a family because you guys know me….I love my holiday crafts!

Monogrammed Hanging Easter Eggs

Monogram Easter Eggs by Every Day is an Occasion




PAAS Monogram Kit

White Plastic Eggs from Walmart (12 in pack $1.98)





1. Use a screwdriver or drill to put a hole in the top and bottom of the egg. This is going to take some muscle. It’s not a super quick thing. You are going to have to work at it. Please be careful on this part. Make sure to place your egg in the carton and twist the screwdriver around and around. It is not easy. It might actually be better to use a drill but I’m not experienced with that so I just used a screwdriver. lol! Whatever works best for you go for it.

2. Cut ribbon at the bottom to create the “v” shape at the end and place inside egg until you can see it at the bottom. Then use a toothpick or pin to grab onto the ribbon and pull it out.

3. Pull the ribbon out of the bottom of the egg and tie a knot.

4. At the top make a loop, tie, and cut off excess.

5. Add additional ribbons or flowers at the top. For the flowers I just stuck them inside the hole.

6. Add your monogram from the kit.

7. Enjoy!

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Oh and one more! Bunny Tails

Bunny Tails

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