Little Miss & Mister Boo Shirts

Do you like making t-shirts with your kids? What about Boo shirts? I adore it, especially shirts that have handprints or footprints! I think they are such fun keepsakes!
So, we made these Little Miss and Mister Boo shirts:)

Little Miss and Mister Boo Shirts

Boo Shirts

Boo Shirts

Want to make some too?

Materials: back shirts prewashed and dried, white fabric paint, black fabric paint, ribbon, and a foam brush

1. Put a magazine or something inside your shirt, so the paint won’t bleed to the other side.
2. Paint the bottom of your child’s foot with the white paint and foam brush.
3. Gently place your child’s foot onto the shirt.
4. With black paint, make a face on your ghost.
5. Allow paint to dry
6. Place an ironing cloth or dish towel on top of ghost and iron. This heat seals the ghost.
7. FOR LIL MISS GHOST-Take 1/8 in ribbon and tie a bow. Place bow on ghost’s head and use needle and thread to secure bow onto shirt.
8.FOR LIL MR GHOST- take 1/8 in ribbon and cut approx 1 in of ribbon. Put a dollop of hot glue in the middle and pinch together. Use needle and thread to adhere bowtie.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a BOO-tiful day;)


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