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So, I have been on an organizing rampage lately. We are in a spot in our lives right now where I just NEED TO GET RID OF THE JUNK! I felt like we were in limbo for a long time….not sure if we would have any more children, not sure if I was going to go back to teaching….etc.. etc… etc… So, being the hoarder that I naturally tend to be I kept EVERY.THING. Seriously, it is crazy just how much junk I held onto. Anyways, while going through our back room storage I found a pair of random jeans….and with my promise to myself that I would use my craft supplies that I had at home before running to the craft store to get the newest latest and greatest,  I would be grateful for what I have and use it! Therefore these Jean Banners are born!!!

Upcycled Jean Banners

Valentine's Day Banner

Upcycled Jean Banner

These are very fun to make! Our au pair and I made them together and we both had a really fun time. I like that these can be made in no time at all!

Upcycled Jean Banner

Jean Banner

You can view this news segment to see me making this project live on tv. Watch Here

Jill Lebbin on WSBT


Old Jeans

Iron on vinyl (can be found at any craft store)


Wooden Dowel Rod




1. Gather Supplies

2. Cut Pant leg to desired shape. I just free cut because I’m not worried about it being perfect. If you are you can make a pattern first out of paper and then trace onto jeans.  Make sure to only cut one side of the jeans, not the front and back.

3. Fold the top of the jean over and hot glue down. Make sure to leave enough space for your dowel rod to fit through.

4. Push Dowel rod through the hole and attach ribbon. You can tie ribbon onto your dowel rod like photo above or you can hot glue it down like second photo above.

5. Cut a heart or your favorite shape from the iron-on vinyl (make sure to get the Iron-on vinyl)

6. Iron vinyl onto your jean banner according to iron-on vinyl instructions.

7. Hang and enjoy!


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