Jar of Thanks

Fall is such a wonderful time of year filled with gorgeous colors, football,  apple picking, Halloween, pumpkins, and one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving. Isn’t Thanksgiving the best? For months now, I’ve been dreaming about all the delicious food! I cannot wait! Besides all the delicious food, I love Thanksgiving because it gives us a day to be able to reflect and think about all the wonderful things we have in our lives. Therefore, I came up with a craft project that you can do with your family as a game or simply just a conversation starter at the Thanksgiving table.



 The idea behind this cute little turkey is to have fun with what you are thankful for. Simply write down on pieces of paper what you are thankful for this year. For small children, have them draw a picture and have an adult write down what they say by the picture. Then you put the paper into a little brown bag (check in materials section for where to buy) and stick it into the jar. Once everyone is completed, then either: Read all the cards at the Thanksgiving table and say who wrote the card or take turns reading the cards and guess who you think wrote the card. If you are correct you get to keep the card. If you are wrong the card goes back in the jar. Once all the cards are spoken for; the person who has the most cards wins. Then you can keep all the cards, put them in an envelope, and pull them out the next year to read and remember what you were thankful for the year before.

What started out as a pickle jar, turned into this fun little turkey!


Would you like to make one too?



 *Materials were bought at Hobby Lobby (including the cardstock and little brown bags)




Step 8. Print out Thankful Printable (below), Cut it out, punch 2 holes and attached red rope or ribbon and put over Turkey head’s

*To print-first save to your computer by right clicking on the image and then “save as”. Then it will be in your downloads and you can find it and print it from there.

I hope the jar of thanks becomes a family tradition that you enjoy from year to year!

Thanks for reading!


Jill Lebbin

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