I Love My Martin’s

This has been a fun week for me! It’s the release of the Martins Commercial I was in! I have been holding in my excitement for a while now and I’m super excited to share with you today about my experience!! First of all, Thank YOU for all the kind messages! To be quite honest, I walked away from that day of shooting with all the feels. I have been doing craft tutorials on WSBT for around 4 years now and I have NEVER been as nervous as I was for the Martins commercial. When I am on WSBT with Kristin Bien, I can see myself on camera and it is just the two of us in the studio, and I prepare a craft so I know what to expect. For the Martins commercial… I couldn’t see myself on camera, there were camera guys staring at me, and I was asked questions on the spot! So, when I saw the end result, I was SHOCKED!! What an AMAZING JOB they did!! I’m so completely impressed!!

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I have been getting questions about how I was chosen to be on the commercial. Well, literally back in 2015, I had just dropped my daughter off at preschool, my son was in Kindergarten and I was left to grocery shop by myself. It is the weirdest feeling by the way…when you’re used to having little munchkins shop with you and then you have none. Anyways, something had just happened in the world that I saw on the news and I was tired of all the negativity! I knew there was good in the world and I was on a mission to observe the world around me and find it! Who knew it would be at a grocery store??! Since I didn’t have my kiddos with me I decided I wasn’t going to play the “line game” where I try to figure out which check out lane was going to get me out of the store the quickest. I was going to be patient and wait my turn. I wasn’t going to play on my phone while I waited in line. I was going to be present and observe the world around me because I was set on finding GOOD in my community. Well, boy did I ever…. literally every time I think about this story it makes me tear up….anyways, I was standing in line behind a man in a wheel chair. He was having the hardest time getting his money out of his wallet. The bagger noticed his frustration so she politely asked him if she could help. He responded “YES, that would be great. Thank you”. She helped him and on his way he went, until he stopped, turned around and said “God Bless You Dear”. I literally thought he was going to cry. You could tell he really needed the help and she was like an angel to him. After he left and she said, “That was my old gym teacher, I doubt he remembers me.” That really touched my heart because that is the circle of life right there. When she was a child and needed to learn and grow he was there to help her and now that he is in need she was there for him! As many of you know, I used to be a teacher and I LOVE when my former students come up and talk to me! I had many of them as first graders so now when I see them as adults they look a lot different, so I’m so happy when they reach out to me. It warms my heart to think that I was set on a mission to find good in my community and I found it in a grocery store between a former teacher and their former student. We see what we want to in this world. We can find negativity in this world just as much as we can find good. It is what we decide to take away from a situation that sticks with us. Anyways, after observing this scenario, I posted on Martin’s Facebook wall about my experience that day….I Love my Martin's


Along with a photo of my Martin’s ….Next thing I knew….something crazy happened……

Jill Lebbin's Martin's story

People just started sharing Martin’s stories, Sharing my post, commenting on it….Things went crazy! I had such fun reading all the other wonderful experiences people had in Martin’s. Now Fast forward almost two years and I got a message from Martin’s asking if I would be on a commercial for them sharing my story. My first thought was…..”How am I going to tell this story without tearing up on camera?” Literally every time I think about it, I tear up. Anyways, I decided to be brave and I said Yes! I shared my story filming that day, but it didn’t make the cut this time…let’s be honest I’m a story teller and there just wasn’t enough time, lol!! But, you’ll see in the commercial below that I did get to share my love for Martin’s. I think they did a FANTASTIC JOB and Love the final product!

Here is a link to the finished product…… I LOVE My Martin’s.

Thanks SO much to Martin’s for having me!

Take care,


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