How to Keep the Kids Busy During the Super Bowl

Well Helloooooo! Super (because it is the Super Bowl and all) excited to share with you today my ideas on how to keep the kids busy during the Super Bowl. I know some kids will be glued to the television and have been waiting and waiting for this day to come, but there are other kiddos out there that may not be so excited about the Super Bowl (what?!). Lol! So today I am going to share with you a game, a food idea, and a craft that can keep kids busy during the Super Bowl.


Jill on WSBT

How to Keep the Kids Busy During the Super Bowl

  1. Game: Football Bingo – I had the pleasure of going on WSBT to share these ideas with my community and the news anchor asked how I come up with these ideas and for this one, I literally was driving in my car to a Matilda Jane Show when I thought of the idea. I was trying to think of a way to introduce Football the little ones….and I thought what better way than Bingo!! So when I got home from my Matilda Jane show, I printed off a Blank Bingo Sheet. All I did was search Blank Bingo cards and a million popped up! I printed one off and wrote things that happened in Football on the card. (QB Sack, Off sides, etc…). I also wrote things on the card that the camera may catch (guy sitting on the bench, crazy fan, Ref vs Coach, awesome commercial, etc…). My idea was that when one of these actions happened that you would cross it off with a sharpie, etc… and the first to get 5 in a row wins.  Football Bingo Bingo Card template

2. Food Idea: Decorated Popcorn: My kiddos love what I like to call “Decorated Popcorn”. It’s as easy as pie…all I do is get Smart Pop bags and put out candy, nuts, dried fruit, etc.. and the kids can pick what they would like to go inside their container….yes container..let’s talk about that for a second…you can obviously put them in whatever box, bag, container you like, but I found that if you just open up the individual Smart pop bag and put your “decorations” aka candy, dried fruit, etc on top….similar to a walking taco. Then all you have to do is throw the bag away and NO MESS! Which is the best, am I right?! Decorated Popcorn

3. Craft Idea: Super Bowl T-Shirt- These are THE EASIEST craft in all the land! Seriously! Basically all you do is get vinyl letters from a craft store ( or cut them yourself for all you digital cutting machine crafters), put them on a shirt, and use Color Shot spray over the letters. For a better tutorial with better pictures check out my way more detailed post here.

Super Bowl 2017 Easy Craft for Kids

If you are having a Super Bowl Party I was thinking that it would be fun for the kiddos to sign each other’s shirts or write a message or write who they predict will win with a sharpie marker on each other’s shirts.

My little guy was so funny and stood by the screen with a shirt we made while he watched me make the shirt on tv! lol!

If you would like to see this segment on how I made all these ideas you can check me out on WSBT 🙂

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