Harry Potter Pumpkin

My son is a big Harry Potter Fan! Therefore, when he came home from school with the assignment to do a Pumpkin Face Book Report he knew just what book to read!

Harry Potter Pumpkin

My son kind of looks like Harry Potter as his every day look so when he put the cape and glasses on it was all over! lol! We knew just how to dress this pumpkin up!!

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Materials: fake pumpkin (you can get them from any craft store), pipe cleaners, yellow and red felt, brown yarn, hot glue gun, sharpie marker


  1. Wrap brown yard around a piece of card board several times. Cut all the brown yarn on each side so that you get short strips of brown yarn for Harry’s hair. (basically you are cutting a bunch of string at once so you don’t have to individually cut each string. It is the FAST way to make hair!)
  2. Hot glue “hair” on to the top of the pumpkin.
  3. Create round circles with the pipe cleaners and attach the stem for the nose and the stems for the side and hot glue on.
  4. Cut a piece of yellow felt. I just eyeball things so I don’t have exact measurements. Then cut little strips of red felt and hot glue onto the scarf. Cut little fringes on the bottom and hot glue to the pumpkin.
  5. Use a sharpie marker to create his lightening scar.
  6. Enjoy!

This was such a fun project and we have it for years to come!!


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