Good God written by Lucas Miles

About 20 years ago…whoa, I feel old now….I was out on a lake with some friends at a graduation party. We were in a paddle boat. One of our friends decided he wanted to head back to the graduation party….instead of having us paddle him back he just jumped in…thinking it was shallow. When he realized it wasn’t shallow, he got that panicked look on his face and started to drown. I was a trained life guard at the time and didn’t think much of it. I jumped in and pulled him back to the boat. He caught his breath and told me “thank you for saving my life”. I didn’t think much of it at the time. I was young and naive and just felt like I was helping out a friend. Come to find out he is petrified of swimming. I never knew that. I just thought he needed a little help. Well, my friends that boy at the party has turned into quite a wonderful man. He is a pastor now of a growing church he and his wife, Krissy Miles, lead. This man, Lucas Miles, has also written a book called Good God: The One We Want to Believe In But Are Afraid To Embrace. I couldn’t be more proud of him!

Good God: The One We Want To Believe In But Are Afraid To Embrace, written by Lucas Miles

Good God Written By Lucas Miles


Raise your hand if you’ve ever been devastated about something. Perhaps your husband lost his job and he was the bread winner for the family. Who do you turn to? What do you do when a situation happens like this? There are many outcomes in this situation. One thing to do is to turn to God. Why? How can He help? What can He do? Perhaps you have felt wronged by God…or upset with God that he has allowed something bad to happen to you or someone you love. Perhaps you don’t feel like you can trust Him. How can God be that Good?? There are so many questions that swirl in our heads throughout the day. In Good God: The One We Want to Believe in but are Afraid to Embrace, Lucas walks us through how God is Good all the time.

I love how Lucas walks us through scripture in Good God to clarify questions we may have.

Good God: The One We Want to Believe In But Are Afraid To Embrace hits stores TOMORROW!! You can purchase at Barnes and Noble.

If you are local…Lucas will be doing a book signing at Barnes and Noble, March 12 starting with a talk at noon and a signing until 3pm.

Good God by Lucas Miles

Congrats again Lucas! SO proud of you Friend!!!


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