Fall Classroom Party Idea, Pumpkin Bowling

It’s that time of year again….when all the craziness begins! lol! Homework, Fall Sports, Classroom Parties, Teacher Appreciation, Art Smart, Math Pentathlon, etc… It’s so fun though, right?! My Nana always says, “enjoy it while you can because it goes by so fast.” So, that is what I’m trying to do! Enjoy every last minute! Anyways, as I began to plan for the upcoming Fall Classroom Party, I came across this idea on Pinterest. One of the Room Parent Coordinators at our school suggested that we choose more games for the classroom parties this year instead of crafts because the kids just want to move. We only have 40 minutes for the parties and there isn’t any food allowed, so getting the kids up and moving is perfect. So when I found this idea, I thought it was great for our Fall Classroom Party.

Fall Classroom Party Idea, Pumpkin Bowling

Classroom Game idea for Fall parties by Every Day is an Occasion

I absolutely LOVE this idea and whoever came up with it is a creative genius! The only thing I did differently from the post I found on Pinterest was to use a foam pumpkin instead of a real pumpkin. I also didn’t cut out the holes in the pumpkin to make it look like a real bowling ball. I felt like with this activity being done at school I didn’t want to make a big mess with a real pumpkin. I love our janitors too much for a mess like that, lol. (They really wouldn’t mind, they are nice like that).


6 toilet Paper rolls

black cardstock


double stick tape

foam pumpkin


  1. I literally just free cut the eyes and mouth for the ghosts and put double stick tape on the back
  2. Enjoy!

When my kiddos got home from school and saw this game they were super excited. They began playing. The rules they came up with were:

  1. Stand back behind designated line
  2. You get two chances per turn to knock over all ghosts
  3. You get 1 point per ghost you knock over
  4. The person with the most points wins

What are your favorite fall games?

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