Easy Pumpkin Craft for Kids

My kiddos both went to the sweetest preschool together last year. They had the most fun being able to have class together! This year my son goes to Kindergarten and my daughter gets to still go to the fabulous preschool. Anyways, they came home with these cutest pumpkins!  I just adore them! Therefore, I thought it would be fun to share them with you too!

Easy Pumpkin Craft for Kids

Seriously aren’t these the cutest?! Super simple to make too!


Toilet Paper roll

Orange Fabric

brown and green construction paper

green pipe cleaners


1.Place Toilet Paper Roll in the center of the fabric

2.Gather fabric inside of toilet paper tube

3. Place Rolled Up Brown Construction Paper inside of tube and wrap green construction paper leaves and green pipe cleaners around

4. Enjoy!

Easy Kids Fall Craft

Thank you to my daughter’s preschool for making such cute crafts and for loving our children! Love you guys!


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