Easy Flower Arranging

Do you ever get flowers, throw them in a tall vase, put them on your dining table, and then look around them during dinner to talk to the people across the table from you? Recently I remembered a trick I was taught as a child. In my last post I shared a dried shamrock/flower craft from my childhood. Now I want to share another trick. I remember my Nana teaching me about putting tape on vases to arrange flowers but we used special tape and I never really thought about doing it on my own until recently. I get flowers every month from Martin’s now! Kudos to my parents for the “Flowers for a Year Club” from Martin’s for Christmas! So, I’ve been having fun arranging them and wanted to share some tips! Please note I am not a florist or professional, just a wife/mom having fun and wanting to share with you!

2 Easy Flower Arranging Tips
Easy Flower Arranging Trick

First Easy Flower Arranging Tip: Use a Pin Frog!

What on earth is a pin frog?

Use a pin frog to help you arrange your flowers pin frog tutorial

A “pin frog” or just “Frog” as my Nana refers to it, is this metal piece that has pins sticking out of it. You put it in the bottom of your vase or container and the flowers just sit nicely on it. Make sure to put water in your container too.

The tulip arrangement above kept tipping over, so my Nana said we needed to put floral clay on the bottom of the pin frog. We didn’t have any floral clay, but she did have this candle wax and it worked like a charm. We just got a glob of it and put it on the bottom of the ┬ápin frog and placed it back in the container.

Use this method to make pretty flower arrangements

Second Flower Arranging Tip: Use Clear Scotch Tape in a Grid Over the Vase

My second tip is what I used to create the flower arrangement above. A Scotch Tape Grid

scotch tape grid on everyDayisanoccasion.com

This grid helps your flowers stay where you want them to stay and it makes your arrangements look nice and full. Just cut your flowers to desired length and place inside grid. Make sure to add water!

every day is an occasion flower arrangement

My daughter and I had so much fun arranging flowers with my Nana! Such a special afternoon!! Here is the creation Nana and my daughter came up with…


If you make any arrangements please share them with me! I would love to see your creations!

Sending Smiles your way,