Easter Ornaments

What’s new? How are you doing? Ready for Easter? It just doesn’t seem like Easter should be in 3 days. But alas, it will be here before we know it! Do any of you have an Easter Tree? When I was a kid we had a tiny tree by our front door and we used to hang plastic eggs on it. Then when I was in my mid twenties and living on my own my mom gifted me a tree to decorate my home with. I have kept that tree and added egg decorations to it every year. One year I made Tattoo eggs . Another year I made photo eggs …which I didn’t end up hanging on the tree but decorating around the tree. This little tree has been a special tradition and fun to add to every year!

Easter Ornaments

Today I have a craft you can do at anytime. As a matter of fact, we went on WSBT tv last month and made little shamrock ornaments and shamrock dishes to share as a craft to do for St. Patrick’s day. I have seen a lot of people making Salt dough ornaments. These are very similar but I think these are WAY easier to make! But… you be the judge! Let me know what you think!

Air Dry clay Easter Ornament

How to make Easter Clay Ornaments

You can watch how to make make these below, Lil and I made a tutorial on Facebook live. You can watch here…

Growing up watching Mr.Roger’s Neighborhood I loved how he said to look to the helpers in time of need. We were talking about how we could be “helpers” in this time of need. So, we thought we would sporadically share craft projects, games, recipe ideas….basically different ideas to keep you and your family having fun together!! So…. Last Saturday we were on WSBT sharing a St. Patrick’s day project but it was a quick rendition so we thought we would give you more of a step by step look today. We hope this helps you and your family!❤️

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Easter Air Dry Clay Ornament

Author: Jill


Air Dry Clay

    Tooth pick


        Mod Podge

          Deco Art Americana Acrylics

            Cookie cutter- egg shaped

              Rolling pin

                Wax paper or something to roll your clay on that won’t stick

                  Cooling rack


                    1 Roll out air dry clay on wax paper about a half an inch thick

                      2 Use egg shaped cookie cutter to cut out shape

                        3 Use stamps (without ink) to create design on egg shape

                          4 Use toothpick to make hole in top

                            5 Allow to dry for two days on cooling rack

                              6 After dried paint

                                7 Add Mod Podge to seal it

                                  8 You can add gold flecks to the design. Just add mod podge and stick gold flecks on

                                    9 Allow to dry and then hang your ornament!

                                      Air dry clay project
                                      Lils Rainbow ornament she made in the video

                                      Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you a very special Easter!!!

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