Donut Bouquet

The story begins….I was bringing my husband an Edible Arrangement as a “Congratulations on your New Office” fun treat. As I took the elevator up to his floor holding the Edible Arrangement I began to think about all the different ideas I could create each month to surprise my husband. This was in September so I began thinking about October and the idea of a “Donut Bouquet” popped into my mind. He loves donuts so I thought it would be perfect!! Fast forward to now and here is my creation…..

Halloween Donut Bouquet


Donut Bouqet by Every Day is an Occasion Healthy Halloween Treat




glue dots


black cardstock


Floral styrofoam that will fit in the container you choose

vase or your favorite container




  1. Choose your container or vase and put Floral styrofoam inside.
  2. Cover with Moss
  3. Place Bamboo skewers through moss and into styrofoam
  4. Place donuts on top of skewers
  5. Cut out wings from black card stock. I just free handed wings with a pencil and then cut them out. I used one wing as my pattern and traced and cut out each wing.
  6. Put Glue dot on back of card stock.
  7. Place tooth pick onto glue dot and stick wings into donuts.
  8. Poke a hole into the orange with the toothpick and push parsley inside
  9. Enjoy!

Hope you have fun!

Take care,