DIY Sequins Shoes

Sequins, flippy sequins, rainbow sequins, sequins has been all the rage for my daughter lately. She is just loving it! She asked me the other day if I could make her sequins shoes. So, here is my attempt at it….

DIY Sequins Shoes

Sequins project


tissue paper


favorite canvas shoes


iron on sequins sheets from Michaels

Sharpie Marker



  1. Place tissue paper on top of shoes and trace around the parts of the shoe you want to have sequins. Then cut out your pattern.
  2. Place your pattern on the back of the sequins sheet and trace pattern onto iron-on sequins sheet with a sharpie marker. Cut out
  3. Iron the sequins onto your shoe. You may need to hot glue in some areas if they don’t want to stick down.
  4. Take shoelaces out of your shoe and replace with your favorite ribbon.

I shared this project on WSBT. Here is a link to my segment.

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