Cutting Board Mother’s Day Gift

So grateful Spring is in the air and Mother’s Day is right around the corner!! For Mother’s Day do you like to get home-made gifts from your children or do you like store bought or do you like a combo of both home-made and store bought or maybe your love language is time spent together? Normally for Mother’s Day my kiddos ¬†and husband spoil me in all different ways and it’s never the same year to year. My husband and kiddos are big into surprising me! Although, I have to say that I am a sucker for home-made gifts on Mother’s Day. I was talking with my friend Becky of Maple & White Design along with her husband¬†Dan from Peacock and Company. We came up with a fun home-made Mother’s Day gift I think you’ll enjoy. The good news is that you can use this technique for all sorts of gifts….Father’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, Weddings, and the list goes on. So are you ready to learn how to make this?

Cutting Board for Mother’s Day

Cutting Board Kids Craft This project was a colloborative effort. I didn’t want my kiddos using the wood burning tool so I had them write in pencil and I used the wood burning tool to go over their words. So, for this project I really wanted to capture the essence of my kiddos handwriting and their spelling. Now, if I did correct a few things, it was because I couldn’t read it. Although, some words like “Parint”, “rathr”, “sinserle”, and punctuation.. I did not correct… I let all that go… But that is a choice you can make when you are making yours.

Wood burned Cutting Board Mother's Day Craft

This was a learning process though I will tell you! I started off using the the wrong tips and it was CRAZY difficult. Then when I switched to the correct tip it made it go smoothly and quickly. Below I started off using a long skinny pencil like top and then moved to an angled tip which both where really difficult in my opinion. All of these tips are included in my wood burning kit.
Kids Cutting Board Craft

Once I used the rounded tip it made it go smoothly and quickly. It is the second gold tip from the top underneath the pencil looking one in the picture below.

To make your Cutting board you will need….


Cutting board- I got mine from Becky and Dan with Maple & White and Peacock and Company.

Wood burning kit- any craft store


old rag


  1. Write your message with a Pencil and plug in your wood burning tool and let it warm up according to package instructions.
  2. After wood burning tool is warmed up trace the lines with the round tip. You may want to go over the words a couple of times just depending upon how dark and wide you want the words..
  3. All done! Wrap your gift up and give away!!

*Please be careful with the wood burning tool! It can get really hot! I added an old rag to the materials list to use for changing out the tips. I used the incorrect tips at first, so when I removed them I used the old rag to grab them not my fingers. Please remember the tool gets VERY HOT!!

The great thing about this cutting board is that it has two sides so you can use either one… SO if you want to just keep the message on the back you can so that you don’t get food stuck in the letters. Although my friend Amy said that she puts hers in the dishwasher so there’s always that to ensure cleansing.

Cutting Board Craft for Mother's Day

Thanks for stopping by today and Happy Mother’s Day!