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On January 19, Craft for a Cause took place! I have been planning this event for quite some time! I can’t believe that it has already come and gone! It was an absolute blast!

Craft for a cause by Everyday is an occasion Here I am all ready to go! I was so happy that I decided to go the night before and get the room ready! Therefore, we were able to just hang out before the event! My brother is in the background. He and my sister-in-law drove up 3 hours for the event! I was so touched!

Here is a better picture of them..

They’re the best.

I was in love with the centerpieces for the food tables that my Mom made! She is the centerpiece queen, so I knew I could   just give her that job and not have to worry about it!

Craft for a cause centerpiece

Craft for a cause centerpiece

Below is a picture of some of our baskets for our basket grab. To the left, I made the message board and to the right is a bunch of fun crafting items Pick your plum donated! LOVE THEM!!!

IMG_4221 b

My best blogging friend, Holly from Ribbon’s and Glue, made this wreath and it was BIG HIT! For a better view and more details about this amazing wreath check out this post I wrote about it. She also wrote a post on her blog and you can check it out here.

IMG_4237 b

Here is a basket by MJ Paperie…. Valentine’s Day party complete with banner, cupcake toppers, etc…so cute, right?

I was so touched by all the donations that were given by various companies for our basket grab…..First Source Bank-Private Banking-Mike Szymanski, Pick Your Plum, Ribbons and Glue, MJ Paperie, Ruth’s Chris, Erica’s Craft and Sewing, Edible Arrangements, Sorella Boutique, Exploration Toys!, Dr. Dan White, Barb Zappia Photography, and Matilda Jane Clothing.

So when people arrived at Knollwood Country Club they followed balloons and a sign to get to the ballroom. Once they arrived and checked in, they received an itinerary with a sponsor sheet.

A Ginormous THANK YOU goes out to our main sponsor

May Oberfell & Lorber

IMG_4234 b

Everyone received one when they walked in, and I put a surprise sticker behind 3 sponsor letters. Those people received a prize donated by Heartreach Michiana, who we were raising the money for! So nice right?  Once they received their program, they went over to enjoy a continental breakfast, while we waited for everyone to arrive.

After everyone arrived we then we moved over to the crafting tables and everyone found a kit with the colors/patterns they liked and sat down.


If you peek inside each kit you will see a fun little bottle of Mod Podge! THE BEST CRAFTING supply! PLAID donated all the bottles for our event! Amazing company! LOVE THEM!


So this is where the fun began!


Everyone had an instruction sheet with their kit, but I am a monkey see monkey do kind of person, so I gave little bits of instruction, let them work on it, and then gave them more instructions, etc…


Guess who came up for the event? Kelsie Ann from Cut Craft Create! I LOVE this girl! My husband and her husband are very dear friends from college ( he was in our wedding and my husband was in their’s). From the moment I met Kelsie Ann, I thoroughly enjoyed her and then when I found out she loved crafting, that was it! Friends for life!

Here she is getting her craft on….


My husband even came, brought the kids, and took random videos/pics.


We had 4 craft experts walking around to help those who had questions. Here is my cousin Annie assisting her sister!


My brother crafted and one of our dear friends, David Matthews, even came out to craft with us! I loved watching him, he was so creative and thought outside the box! I guess that comes in handy when you are a real estate developer!



Truthfully though, I just loved watching everyone think and create. People always say, “Oh I’m not creative.” But I do not buy it. You may not like creating all the time like I do, but everyone is creative! I truly believe that! Here are some pictures  that Barb Zappia Photography took of every one getting their craft on….

_DSC9184 _DSC9193 _DSC9194 _DSC9195 _DSC9198 _DSC9199 _DSC9202

Did you notice any buttons on the tables? Well, every single button was donated by my great blogging friend Courtney from Court’s Craft Corner. Courtney is a friend I met on a design team we were both on. She is a freshman in high school, but don’t let that steer you away. She is the fastest card designer I have ever met in my life…and they are cute cards! If I designed a card as quickly as she did it would be a white piece of paper with  “Thanks” on it! ha!  Anyways, Courtney witnessed a classmate, go down and had to be resuscitated by an AED. She is a big believer now and wanted to help out any way she could! She is just an awesome person!

Once 11:00am rolled around everyone was done with their crafts and ready to head home. Blondie’s Cookies donated cookies for us to use as favors. They came all wrapped and ready to go. All I had to do was add a label! You may remember Blondie’s  from the Shark Tank. They are THE best cookies I have ever eaten! No Joke!

What a fun event and I’m already planning for next year!


We were able to raise enough money for Heartreach Michiana to purchase one AED + money left over to go towards another one for our community!

For this being the very first year for Craft for a cause, me never doing a fundraiser before, and originally thinking I would get maybe 30 people together (we had over 50) and we would craft together, I am ecstatic at how it turned out!

All joking aside, I know everyone has something hard they have dealt with in their life or are dealing with….having family members affected by heart disease is something that I deal with. That is why I started Craft for a cause. I want to help others as well who are affected by heart disease. Getting a call that a family member is in the hospital is not fun, which I’m sure many of you have experienced, so I’m doing my best to help our community become more aware about heart disease and what to do if you have it.  Not to be weird, but I feel like this could be my calling. We will just have to wait and see what pans out, but at least I am having so much fun with it for now;)!

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a SUPER fun day!

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  1. Kate says:

    Jill- It looks like Craft for a Cause was a HUGE success! I am sorry I missed it- we were in Chicago for my nephew’s first birthday party, but I hope that I can come next year. I’m glad your hard work paid off. How fun! Hope to see you soon!

    • Jill says:

      Kate-you are the sweetest! You will definitely have to come next year! It’s been too long since we’ve hung out! Take care!

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