Color Pour Paint Valentine’s Project

I have been so fascinated by Color Pour Paint that I had to give it a try. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up (and I had a coupon to Joann’s) I thought it would be fun to do a color pour paint project. As I was walking the aisles of our local Joann Fabrics I came across these ginormous paper letters and knew I had to to use Color Pour Paint on them!! I haven’t used the Color Pour Paint before but thought, I would give it a go.

How to Make a Color Pour Paint Valentine’s Project

Color Pour XO by Every Day is an Occasion

This Color Pour XO was so fun and easy to make. I also don’t like to make a huge mess because then there is so much clean up afterwards. I like to be a neat crafter and I must say it wasn’t too bad. All I had to clean up was a plastic tablecloth with paint on it. I just threw everything away. Easy peasy.

If you look closely you can see how the Color Pour Paint swirls to make the letters look marbleized!

Color Pour Paint Project

The letters may not look that ginormous until you see them in real life. Look at them against my mantel! I think they’re so fun as a Valentine’s Decoration. I also thought they would be really neat for photoshoots. If there are any photographers out there that like to do Valentine themed photo shoots these are really fun!

XO photo
Color Pour XO by Every Day is an Occasion


Paper Mache letters from your favorite Craft Store

Pour Paint (I know Joann Fabrics carries it) make sure to get the one that is already pre-mixed! The paint I have above came in a kit. The paint kit looked Valentine-y to me so I opted for it.

Plastic Tablecloth or the official Pour Paint tablecloth. Something that can be thrown away.

Plastic Gloves

Plastic Cup: something you can throw away

Wooden stick


  1. Place the plastic tablecloth down and lay your letters and supplies on top. Remember to wear the gloves to protect your hands and easy clean up!
  2. Pour paint into plastic Cup and stir a bit with your wooden stick
  3. Pour Paint over Paper Mache Letters
  4. Allow at least 6 hours to dry
  5. Enjoy!!

If you have any questions drop them in the comments below!

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learn how to make this marbleized XO set at
Learn how to make this Color Pour XO set. Great for photographers!