Back to School Pocket Letters

I’m seriously still in love with making pocket letters, which were thought up by the talented Janette Lane. I have participated in an exchange with friends …more on that here. I absolutely adored making the pocket letters and receiving them. So much fun! So, with it being Back to School time I started to think about what my kiddos and I could do to send a little cheer to my cousins who will be going back to college. I LOVED getting happy mail in college and we wanted to send my cousins something fun too … insert Pocket Letters!!

Back to School Pocket Letter By Every Day is an Occasion

Pocket Letters are super easy to make How to assemble Pocket Letters

I got my baseball card sleeves at Hobby Lobby and used my 40% off coupon. They have them in the Model Car Hobby section and are $7.99 for a pack of 40.

ideas of things to put in a Pocket Letter



Here are some of my favorite things to put inside a pocket letter. The wooden Veneer Pocket Cards are by Heidi Swapp and can be purchased in my Etsy Shop.  The “Flat Wooden Hearts Decorated” refers to my daughter’s favorite. I got some flat wooden hearts in the wood section at Hobby Lobby and my daughter likes to color them with markers and put them in the sleeves.

Pocket Letter idea


Pocket Letter by Every Day is an Occasion



To send them out you can put them in any envelope you like an envelope #10 works best if you want to fold it up. I received a Pocket Letter where they used patterned paper and folded it like an envelope. I tried it out and here is my attempt…

Pocket LEtter Envelope

Once your college student gets their pocket letter they will be so surprised! Imagine the smile on their face! For a quick live version of this tutorial you can view my instructions on WSBT….

Pocket Letter on WSBT by Every Day is an Occasion


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